Learn where prospects and professionals agree, and disagree, on enrollment marketing, messages, and channels.

We know that teens are connected, that they love their devices, and that they look at our websites on their smartphones. But does that mean that they want to be texted by a college? Are they creeped out when they’re followed on Facebook or Instagram by an admissions officer? What, exactly, are they looking for on your website: cool images or simple information about your majors?


Using data from surveys of teens engaged in the college search and choice process collected by Chegg and data from enrollment professionals collected by mStoner Inc., we’ll explore where the perspectives of these two groups converge — and where they differ. Then, we’ll discuss how marketers can leverage this knowledge in engaging with this critical audience.

What You Will Learn:

  • What teens consider to be the top sources of information about colleges
  • Effective ways to get in touch with teens
  • Where to focus your time and energy in marketing to teens

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